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©2018 Jennifer Mya Polansky

Beautiful Goddess


You can achieve more without the struggle.

You can feel connected and seen in your intimate relationships.

You can feel supported and held by like-minded women.

You can live a life that's filled with balance, pleasure and ease.


You truly can "have it all."


~ Womb In Bloom ~ Spring Retreat


Journey with us in supportive sisterhood,

connect to your true power, find your authentic voice, and

reclaim body love, to rise in love with yourself and feel radiant!

Remember who you truly are:

A Divine Goddess. A Powerful Creatress. A Priestess.

~ RevoLOVEtion ~

A 4-Week Self-love Series

☯ Pranayama | Guided Meditation | Shakti Flow | Restorative Yoga ☯

(all levels welcome)

|| Week 1: Self-Love ||

Self-inquiry, the art of allowing, observe with loving non-judgment.

|| Week 2: Intuition ||

Address old patterns, limiting beliefs, and clear them to

make room for your intuition to flow through.

|| Week 3: Earth Connection ||

Get out of your head and grounded into your body,

love your body and feel pleasure in every move.

|| Week 4: Wholeness ||

Integrate into everyday life: non-judgmental awareness,

a deeper connection to your personal power and creativity,

a new level of comfort and joy in your body.

Every Monday ~ for 4 Weeks

February 17th, 24th

March 2nd, 9th

7:30pm - 9:30pm.

C O S T:
All 4 classes + Integration call = $85


Pre-registration required




This is a series where each class builds off the last.
You may come to classes a la cart = $25 each

(Single classes MUST be paid for via etransfer to:

Join our sisterhood Re-member your authentic, sensual, radiant - self

Receive a free meditation recorded in Bali, while you're at it ❣