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©2018 Jennifer Mya Polansky

Hello Goddess

Women's Transformational Coach // Reiki Master Teacher // Certified Nutritional Practitioner // Womb Wellness Practitioner // Yoga Teacher


Using a Tantric & Shamanic approach, I guide women toward radiance. To align with their higher-self and have a deeper connection with their body, so they can reignite their feminine essence and feel more sensuality and pleasure in life.

As a woman, when you connect to your 3 hearts: Soul ~ Womb ~ Yoni, you tap into a deep wisdom within. You align with a primal, ancestral power that for too long we have been told was dangerous and should be shamed. This force allows you to be powerful in your career while still feeling sensual and feminine, speak up for yourself without feeling “bossy”, and have self-care time without feeling guilty or that you have to work hard to deserve it.


After living in New York studying Tantra, Ayurveda, Somatic and Energetic Bodywork, I came back to Toronto to study nutritional medicine. With a fully integrative approach, I do 1-on-1 energy healing and womb clearing sessions, lead women's retreats and run Lunar Goddess ~ Journeying Through the Cycles of Our Womb: A 4-moon journey in sisterhood, sensuality and self-love.


Women connected in sisterhood feel seen, heard and honored. You then cultivate the trust to listen to your inner voice and the strength to follow it, leading to a more meaningful and empowered life.


“As women heal, the world heals. This is how we create real change.”  ~Jennifer

Do you want to feel radiant, goddess? More connected to your body? To journey with like-minded women, and reignite joy and pleasure into your life? 

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