Womb Heart

Womb Heart Practices

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Baddha Konasana

"Inner Nourishment"

Kona refers to sacred space. This asana helps you cultivate safety in your body, so you can release tension and experience deep nourishment at the center of your being.

Full Moon Meditation

Full Moon meditation Audio.

Peak - Thursday December 12th 12:12am

Breath Work

Womb Circles

If you do this everyday it will help to clear out old energies and regulate your menstrual cycle.

Complete with at least 1-min in Savasana.

New Moon Meditation

New Moon meditation audio.

Peak - Thursday December 26th 12:13am

Heart Womb Bridge

Listen to this meditation to connect your Soul & Womb Heart ~ Your Heart Womb Bridge


These Playbooks represent the 4 phases that make up each moon cycle.

Full Moon Playbook

Waning Moon Playbook

New Moon Playbook

Waxing Moon Playbook