Wild Feminine Freedom

A 4-Moon Mastermind in Sisterhood, Sensuality, and Self-Love.

Goddess - This Is An Invitation

To take a quantum leap, hop into a new reality and truly harness your feminine power.

You will:

  • Create better work/life balance

  • Build rapport & trust with like-minded women - be part of a dedicated sisterhood

  • Attract your dream partner, or feel more connected & SEEN in your current intimate relationship

  • Connect to your divine feminine essence

  • Feel sensual and manifest with ease

  • Prioritize self-care, let go of burn out & find more joy in the everyday.

Did you know women are intricately

connected to the moon?

That your womb is where

your inner voice comes from?

And that when you connect your womb to

the natural cycles of the moon,


A Taste of What's Included

Yoga Asana

Tantric Breath work

1-on-1 Coaching Calls

Curated Weekly Playbooks

Weekly Group Calls

Mantra Meditation

And More!


Riki R, Accupunturist

"Jennifer’s Lunar Goddess journey was nothing short of life changing. I write this as I sit up and look up at her, the moon pondering how much I now know she’s affected my life. This journey really taught me to be sensitive to her waxing and wanings. I know being a human being is so incredibly complicated and full of powerful transitions and changes.  I started this journey at a time when my life was in the crux of that and having support from other women, going though lunar cycles and learning powerful meditation practices together has created an everlasting imprint on my soul that I will never forget."

Allison S, AVP Finance

"The goddess journey with Jennifer was so meaningful and life-changing for me. As a professional working in downtown Toronto, I haven't been as in touch with my womb and spirituality beyond my yoga practice. This program helped me reach new levels of awareness over my physical and mental health at a time that I really wanted to turn inwards. The exercises Jennifer lead us through were so well thought out and the support she provided along the way was invaluable! And I cannot say enough about the sisters who participated in my journey. I have made lifelong friends with these women who were from all different backgrounds, brought varied perspectives and taught me so much!"

Erin L, Holistic Nutritionist

"This has been an incredible journey. The work we have done in four months is powerful. Jennifer has set up the journey in such a beautiful way that is so organic and supports women in rising to become their true authentic selves through self care and love. The space she holds for the women is one of deep care and love and her passion and wisdom for this work she is doing shines through every cell of her being. I felt incredibly held and supported and loved through this transformational journey... this deep inner work has created beautiful positive shifts in my life, I can’t recommend Jennifer’s program enough!"

Sister, I invite you to experience the sensuality and magic of

how it feels to be a woman in her power.

Journey in supportive sisterhood as you heal,

love yourself up and embody your full radiance!

"I have come out the other side a stronger individual

with new bonds of sisterhood."

~ Allison S.