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©2018 Jennifer Mya Polansky

Tapping Into the Heart

Workshops & Retreats

Women don't learn magic, women are magic.  ~Cat Stone

The Tapping Into the Heart workshop & retreat series is at the core of what I do. It is what drives me. Women are meant to live in sisterhood, period. I believe we have be taught otherwise, and brought up to think other women are competition, because of an old paradigm fear around what women are capable of united.


When women gather, we create a force. When women gather in a ceremonial way with a shared desire to grow, we create an amplification portal. We can place whatever we'd like into this portal. It is an opportunity to truly create our lives and let go of any limiting patterns, habits or beliefs.

As women heal, the world heals. It is up to us. We have the power to change everything. Come, claim your importance, your power, and your worth.





Tapping Into the Heart

workshop series

This is a series of workshops that are centered around tuning-in to the heart, letting go of outside influences, and strengthening our connections with other women, seeing each other as sisters.

This is an ongoing series with no end date in sight. Each workshop is unique and each one is an opportunity to dive even deeper into what is truly possible in this life.


Upcoming & Past

The next Tapping Into the Heart workshop will be announced shortly!

In the meantime take a peak at some of our past workshops     


April 29th 2018

Blissful Manifestation:

Planting the Seeds of Our Hearts Desires

** When conscious women gather we create an amplification portal. Using the power of our intentions, our hearts and our pleasure we can create a quantum field to raise our frequency and shift our vibration toward empowered abundance, health and divine love. **

|| GODDESS, what do you wish to manifest this year? Now is the time to plant your seeds. Come join us as we gather and bask in the magic of feminine wisdom ||

This workshop is an opportunity to use the power of sisterhood to amplify our super power of creation and manifestation. Together we will plant the seeds of our heart's desire.

Together we will:
• Tune-in to our bodies with specific yoga asanas, cultivating a renewed feeling of sensuality, freedom, and bliss
• Learn and practice techniques and manifestation rituals centered on bliss, pleasure, and joy
• Create, draw, paint and dance!
• Wrap ourselves in divine sisterhood vibes,and share our hearts, dreams and visions

Come, enjoy, learn, and manifest your heart’s desires in juicy pleasure and goddess love 🌹

This is a workshop dedicated to tuning in & listening to what the heart is saying. It is a day to bask in sisterhood, step into your pleasure, and dive into the infinite chamber of wisdom present within.

Beginning with asana exploration to awaken and feel into our bodies, we will learn about the magic of our cycle, our connection to the moon, how to create rituals and ceremonies around her, and balance the feminine and masculine aspects within. Most importantly, we will open and strengthen the channel to our heart, the connection to our unique and all knowing inner voice.

Feel empowered & supported, with tools to integrate these ideas into your life. Step into the immense power you hold as a women, the embodiment of divine feminine energy. Cultivate and practice a new way of seeing what you are truly capable of, claiming your power and your worth.

Jan 20th 2018

Tuning into the moon and our cycles

Nov. 5th 2017

A workshop about magic

This workshop is about the magic we hold inside ourselves as women, and the magic of feminine wisdom. It is a day where we will immerse ourselves in heart frequency, strengthening our connection to our own inner voice.

Beginning with asana exploration to awaken and feel into our bodies, we will play with the connection between our heart, womb and root, how to create rituals and ceremonies to amplify our power, and balancing the feminine and masculine aspects within to support our growth. Most importantly, we will open and strengthen the channel to our heart, the connection to our unique and all knowing inner voice.

This workshop will not only empower, it will offer tools to step into the immense power we hold as women, the embodiment of divine feminine energy. It will be a new way of seeing what we are capable of and claiming our power and worth.

Join me as we open our hearts, receive support, and tap into the infinite chamber of wisdom present in all of us!


Tapping Into the Heart Full Moon Retreat


The Tapping Into the Heart 3-Day Full Moon Retreat is an opportunity to gather in sisterhood, tune-in to your heart, and amplify the messages received. Together we will create a space of safety and love to reflect each other's beauty and courage as we let go of old patterns that are no longer serving us.

This retreat clarifies and concentrates all the magic we play with in the workshop series, giving us the space to truly embody the lessons and step into the truest and most powerful version of ourselves.

Come, dive deep into your heart, bask in sisterhood, and immerse yourself in nature, nourishing and nurturing your mind, body and soul.


Join us for the upcoming

Tapping Into the Heart Full Moon retreat

July 27th - 29th 2018!


Our days will be filled with (all-included):

  • Organic, vegan meals & snacks, planned & prepared by a Certified Nutritional Practitioner

  • 2 yoga offerings daily (morning flow & evening restorative w/ essential oil massage)

  • Full moon ceremony

  • River purification ceremony

  • Safe space to tune-in to the heart, womb, & root

  • Moon blood mysteries & sacred sexuality

  • Guided meditations beside a stream

  • Tantric breath-work & exercises

  • Womb clearing

  • Sharing circles

  • Labyrinth walk

  • Bonfires

  • So much love & good vibes

  • Optional goddess photos

  • Optional naked nature time


Included healing sessions:

  • 20 min Reiki session & crystal healing with Jennifer

  • Unlimited use of the Orgone Energy Accumulator

  • 3-day immersion in nature!

You will be supported all weekend by 3 Certified Nutritional Practitioners

(2 of whom are yoga teachers and 2 of whom are Reiki practitioners)



The Rosseau Sanctuary sits on sacred land just north of the Muskoka Lakes, in the cozy town of Rosseau, Ontario. It's a 2 1/2 hour drive directly north of Toronto on Hwy 400, and is surrounded by lush forest, an organic garden, and a crisp, clear river. This gorgeous land is cared for with much love & respect. You can feel the vibration as soon as you get there!

Facilities & Accommodations:

The main house is a beautiful log cabin with a fireplace, ceremonial room, 2 full bathrooms, healing room & massage table, an outdoor deck and a fire pit.  On the 2nd floor of the main house are single beds in a spacious dorm style room.

*For a private forest bunkie (3 available), add $155 to the below prices.

*To bring your own tent and camp out in the meadow or forest, subtract $40 from the below prices

Love exchange:

Early bird ~ until July 12th = $466

Regular ~ after July 13th = $555

*Space is limited to 10!

To register:

Questions? Contact Jennifer with the subject "Retreat inquiry"

Ready to sign up? Send an E-transfer or PayPal to: with the note "retreat"


Transportation there & back will ultimately be your responsibility, and we will also connect riders with drivers to make sure everyone gets up there!

**Please note there will be no refunds after July 4th. Any cancellations will result in a partial credit toward future events.


Your Space Holders

Michelle McCowan

Reiki practitioner, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, retreat photographer and space holder priestess.


Marina O'Connor

Certified Nutritional Practitioner, yoga teacher and in-house chef.

Jennifer Polansky

Reiki Master, CNP & Creatrix of Tapping Into the Heart.

"My desire is to hold safe space for women to tune-in to their hearts, and let go of any outside influence that would keep them from hearing its wisdom."