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©2018 Jennifer Mya Polansky

"I don't have to wait for the things I want in life. They're actually right at my elbows. All I have to do is love myself, exactly where I am."

~ A Soul Sister

Do you want to:

*Deepen your relationship with self?

*Feel like you have more time, flexibility and balance in your life?

*Build community with like-minded women and feel supported along your journey?

*Be more connected to your body, your pleasure, and fearlessly open to expressing your true self?


Then I've created this just for you!!

The Signature Program
4 - Week Jump-Off Edition

Our time together is all about deepening our relationship to self,

and cultivating a life of balance, pleasure and ease.

Beginning together from a strong and honest foundation,

each week we will dive a little bit deeper into the possibilities we hold as women.


In 4 juicy weeks we will:

*Play with self-care exercises and activities, and fall in love with our bodies

*Learn to observe ourselves with honest, judgement-free eyes

*Build supportive sisterhood, feeling supported and held on our journey

*Deepen our relationship to self, and thereby deepen the relationships in all aspects of our lives

*Connect to our womb (center of creation) and our yoni (our root, our POWER)

*Re-sensitize and heighten our senses, creating a richer capacity for sense-uality in our lives

*Learn to differentiate between the voice of our heart and that of the outside influences around us

*Get comfortable expressing the authentic truth that comes from listening to our heart

*Play with manifestation techniques to shift the frequency we emit into the world

*Build more confidence and practice letting go of limiting beliefs

We will do this using:

*Tantric breath-work

*1-on-1 coaching calls

*Group calls

*Guided meditation

*Specific yoga asanas

*Weekly emails with heart opening questions for self-inquiry, practice exercises & activities, custom meditations, inspirational readings and more

*A personal online forum to give, ask for and receive support throughout your journey

*Unlimited email support from me

Sister, if loving your body in a deeper, more intimate and authentic way;

feeling comfortable expressing your desires and your truth;

living in ease and pleasure;

and doing it all supported by sisterhood sounds like fun to you,

then I invite you to join us as we journey into the heart

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