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©2018 Jennifer Mya Polansky

Private Healing Sessions

Safe Space For You to Connect Deeper to Self ~Soul, Womb & Yoni


I want to see you step fully into your power, heal your blocks, and rise in love with yourself. When you do, this is how you will show up in the world ~ with an unconditionally loving and open heart.

Unconditional because you've taken care of yourself first!

Energetic Healing Sessions, Womb Voice Activation, Clearing Sessions



Combining tantric & shamanic elements along with reiki & intuitive bodywork we address deep seated beliefs & clear old programs, so you can access more self-worth & a greater love for your body.


From this place you will move through life with more ease & balance, radiating your innate inner goddess.

 Womb Wisdom 

Your womb is your inner guidance. She is connected to all things, the collective consciousness, the cosmic womb. She holds the key to your deepest knowing and intuition. When you clear and nourish your womb, dreams and visions speak louder and your capacity to manifest them becomes heightened.

Package Includes:

  • Energetic Healing Session

  • Embodiment Practice

  • Womb Voice Activation

  • Clearing Session

 Shakti Activation 

Shakti is your power. She is the force of life that travels from your tailbone at the base of our spine to the top of your crown and through your entire body. She is your capacity to sense, allow and  experience pleasure in all aspects of life. When Shakti is activated and travels freely you will feel balanced and grounded, have more energy, and will attract everything you need into your life with ease.

Package Includes:

  • Energetic Healing Session

  • Embodiment Practice

  • Clearing Session

  • Microcosmic Orbit - Kundalini Circulation

 Emotional & Energetic Clearing 

If the energetic, emotional or physical body is not cleared, you will unconsciously continue to attract the same situations, people and feelings.

This powerful work will move what is blocked so you feel lightness in your body and peace in your mind. You will feel the effects of this session immediately.

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"The energy clearing session I had with Jen was both an extraordinary experience in itself, and gave me extraordinary results. I'd had fatigue for months--gone. Sadness--gone. Anxiety/fear--gone. I woke up the next day energized, inspired and clear headed, and have felt that way ever since. AND (as if that weren't enough) the injury to my knee that wasn't healing and that got me to Jen in the first place, is now on the mend and I'm back to my workout, yoga and dance that I couldn't do before. Jennifer is a remarkable, skilled and knowledgeable healer. I can't thank her enough."

Deb W / Editor / Emotional & Ancestral Clearing Session

"Jennifer is the real deal, plain and simple. I have been going to her restorative classes regularly and receiving private reiki sessions for over a year. She lives and breathes this and it is so apparent. She is 100% present with you, has the kindest spirit, completely open and non-judgemental. Plus, her reiki is out of this world amazing. I feel like an new woman physically and mentally everytime I leave a class or session with her. All I can say is...go see her!!"

Kate M / Entrepreneur / Energetic Healing, Reiki Client & Winter Retreat Guest

"Through sweet serendipity- I stumbled upon Jennifer’s offerings through social media. Something deep inside me already knew this was the beginning of something so special. I attended both the summer and winter retreats and each were equally delicious and exactly what I needed at that time. Coming together in sisterhood in such beautiful,sacred land to do the deep work, while Jennifer holds the most loving, most humble, most divine space. I cannot say enough about the whole experience. From the delicious food made with such love, to the well thought out activities, to the open hearts of sisterhood—- the entire weekend was magical. Say yes- your heart already knows what you need ❤️"

Jennifer OP / Mother / Full Moon & Winter Retreat Guest, 4-Week Jump-Off