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©2018 Jennifer Mya Polansky


Healing from the Inside Out

My motto:

In our natural and balanced state, health is the norm & abundance flows freely. Our body wants to live in this state, and has the innate ability to do so as long as we create the right environment for it.

My approach is a (w)holistic one that involves looking at the physical, emotional and energetic body. Dis-ease will be felt at the weakest link and symptoms are the body's way of communicating where we should be focusing in order to heal. However, to treat the symptoms without addressing the underlying cause is like taking the batteries out of the smoke alarm when your house is on fire and calling it a day.

Follow the symptoms to the root, address it, release it, plant something new, and grow the garden of your dreams.

Together we will address the physical symptoms, the habits and patterns that play out in your life, and the root causes that keep the cycle going. You will be given the tools, space and support to tap into your own innate wisdom and ability to heal yourself, leaving you empowered to create authentic and lasting shifts in your life.


Energy Healing

Our bodies have an innate ability to heal, and our natural state is health and abundance. If given the opportunity and space to tap into our true nature, we will.

1-on-1 Coaching

(In person or over Skype/phone)

Discovering and  addressing the root of the issue. Guidance and coaching in order to let go of old patterns, creating healthier ones in their place.

Nutrition Consultations

Healing from the inside out

Understanding the connection between what we eat and the symptoms that arise. Using food as medicine, as well natural and simple supplements to support healing.

Reiki || Crystals || Energetic Bodywork

Inner Goddess Exploration

Tantric healing sessions || Yoni steam ||

Yoni honoring || Tantric breath-work

Women have a power within them that has the potential to change the world.

Do you dare to tap into yours, dear sister?

If you are curious about the depths of your pleasure and the extent to which you can live a life of bliss, come explore.


Energy Healing


Reiki || Crystals || Energetic Bodywork

Our bodies have an innate ability to heal, and in our natural state health and abundance flow freely. If given the opportunity and the space to tap into our true nature, we will.

express yourself and what is present in the moment. In a world of technology, faceless transactions and fast paced interactions, simply being seen & heard by another woman is deeply healing.

These sessions will give your body the opportunity to truly rest, allowing you to switch into the parasympathetic nervous system and receive the healing frequency of these time tested and science based approaches to health and wholeness.  

I am available to travel as well as offer distance reiki

Reiki is the main energy healing modality I use along with crystals & energetic bodywork. These sessions are highly customized & individual to your personal needs and desires. Our time together always begins with a check-in so you can

1-on-1 Coaching & Meditation


(in person or over Skype/phone)

We attract into our lives that which is a vibrational match to what we put out there.

Attracting health, wealth & love into our lives is intricately linked to what we believe we deserve and our internal belief systems. You can repeat an abundance mantra until you're blue in the face, but if you subconsciously believe otherwise, that abundance can't connect with you.


When something is observed, it inherently changes. Through years of studying different mindfulness techniques and the psychology of our biology, I can offer clear reflections on the patterns you walk through life playing out. By simply observing and becoming aware of those patterns, they begin to shift. The key is to then acknowledge and accept them without judgment while allowing new, healthier habits to form. This includes simple daily exercises between our sessions, accountability emails/texts, and custom guided meditations tailored specifically for you, just to name a few. Together we will unlock and unblock the underlying beliefs that keep you from attracting your heart's desires (even if you're not sure yet what they are!)

Nutrition Consultations


Healing from the inside out

Helping you to understand the connection between what you eat and the symptoms that arise.

So many of our issues are due to the food we put into our body on a daily basis, as well as the food and nutrients we leave out. What other materials do we have from which to grow? The additives and chemicals in so much of our food supply, as well as allergenic foods, can affect the way protein structures are built (like nails & hair, enzymes that help us digest, anti-bodies to support our immune system, etc), how our hormones (chemical messengers) communicate with each other, the efficiency by which nerve impulses travel, and so much more.

My approach is to focus on food & lifestyle first (using high quality supplements where needed), as this helps to rebuild the physical foundation. From there we can fine tune because we will have a clearer picture if something is functionally out of balance. So often the remedy is a few simple and committed tweaks to our diet.

There is a lot of information out there on what’s “healthy” and the “proper” way to eat, and it can be very overwhelming!

My desire is to help you understand the root of your symptoms and create simple plans that are easy to follow and commit to. Everyone is different and in order to find what works for you personally, you will have a thorough consultation, a follow-up check in a couple weeks into your protocol, and unlimited email support throughout. I believe that given the proper environment and tools, we can live a healthy and balanced life, feeling strong in our body, mind and soul.



Single Sessions

Energy Healing & 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions:


60 min = $90 || 90 min = $133


Buy multiples and save:

3 ~ 60 min sessions = $255 (save $15)

5 ~ 60 min sessions = $400 (save $50)

3 ~ 90 min sessions = $366 (save $33)

5 ~ 90 min sessions = $555 (save $110)


Nutrition Consultations:

Basic package (consultation + protocol [delivered within 2 weeks] + follow up check-in) = $235

Each 30 min follow up = $45

Combination Packages

Combine nutrition consultations with healing sessions, 1-on-1 coaching or both!

* With the following packages, you are welcome at any time to add additional 60 or 90 min energy healing or coaching sessions for discounted rates.

Package 1
  • Consultation + energy healing

  • Protocol delivery (within 2 weeks)

  • Follow up check-in + energy healing (about 2 weeks after protocol delivery)

Includes unlimited email support


Energy Exchange

Package 2

  • Consultation + energy healing

  • Protocol delivery (within 2 weeks)

  • Follow up check-in + energy healing (about 2 weeks after protocol delivery)

  • 2 additional energy healing or coaching sessions

Includes unlimited email support


Energy Exchange

Package 3

Over 6-8 months

  • Consultation + energy healing

  • Protocol delivery (within 2 weeks)

  • Follow up check-in + energy healing (about 2 weeks after protocol delivery)

  • 12 additional energy healing or coaching sessions (can mix & match)

  • Unlimited email support

  • Weekly emails tailored specifically to you with personalized guided meditations, action steps, inspirational readings, and self-inquiry questions to take you deeper into personal growth

  • *Optional - exclusive entry into sacred, underground, transformational sisterhood (no additional cost)

Schedule a 30 min call to see if this is the right package for you.
Send me a message to open up the conversation.

Energy Exchange