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©2018 Jennifer Mya Polansky

Connect to your heart's true pleasures, rather than what society has deemed you should want.

Sensual bodywork || Yoni steam || Yoni honoring || Tantric breath-work

This is an offering to dive deep within the potential you hold as a woman, the embodiment of divine feminine energy.

Connecting heart, womb and root in a safe, non-judgmental space to explore your true nature.

Curious about the depths of your pleasure and the extent to which you can live a life of bliss? Read on, dear sister.

My Story


I will always remember the first time I received a yoni massage. I was working in a tantric healing space in New York and we were in training, partnered with another woman. I remember looking up at her during my session and thinking: “Oh my gosh, the bar has been set. This is how I deserve to be seen. This is how I deserve to honored. Like a Goddess.”

That single experience has changed every relationship I’ve had moving forward, romantic or otherwise. I’ve learned how to recognize my worth, create boundaries and stand up for myself, address and voice my needs, and feel comfortable asking for support in what I truly desire.


Being seen, heard and honored like that, in a safe space by another woman, was the pivotal step in the direction I now walk.


Hello beautiful sister,


This is an offering to safely take you into the depths of your power, pleasure, and ability to manifest your heart's desires. Women are the true embodiment of divine feminine energy and therefore our super power is to create, manifest and bring into form. When we are in touch with our body, in tune with our heart and turned “on”, we can magnetize and attract absolutely anything that we desire.


These unique sessions are designed to help you to come home to your body, fall in love with yourself and recognize the potential you hold as a woman. You are given space to listen to your heart free from outside opinions, and truly hear the intuitive messages from within. You are supported and encouraged (in your own sweet time) to voice what you are feeling and what you desire, practicing and strengthening your ability to both recognize and speak your truth.


We begin every session with a check-in to see where you're at in the present moment. Perhaps you know exactly what you want the session to look like, and perhaps you’re not quite sure. Either way, at every single step along the journey you will lovingly and specifically be guided to voice how you are feeling, and if this the direction you desire to go. There is absolutely nothing expected of you, you are free to change your mind about anything at any point. My only desire is to create a comfortable space where you can feel safe to fully be you, accepting and falling in love with the beautiful goddess you are.


Some women come in knowing they desire a yoni honoring session with yoni massage and all the bells and whistles. Some women come in just wanting to connect deeper to their body and explore safe touch without yoni massage. Other women are not yet comfortable with physical touch and desire only to express themselves, or heal with yoni steam & breath-work. Wherever you are at in your journey is perfect, and I will meet you there.


As I continue to listen to my own heart I see my path and purpose more and more clearly. It is to support women in this exploration, be it through 1-on-1 healing sessions or women's workshops and retreats I welcome you, sister. Come bask in your birthright of pleasure, abundance, and self-love.

Prices range. I invite you to a complimentary 30 min Skype call to explore what is possible and if this is the right offering for you at this time. Send me a message to open up the conversation.